Tracy Gold is a fashion influencer to women over 40


Tracy Gold has seen a remarkable growth in her Youtube following since shifting focus to women over 40.

Her followers are women between the ages of 34 – 64, mostly living in USA.

Women over 40 are generally an ignored, yet powerful group of consumers. They are living longer, aging better and want to look fashionable without looking like they have just raided their daughter’s closet. Women over 40 want quick & easy solutions and products that will make them look and feel good. Brands often recognise this power demographic, but are not sure how to reach them.

Tracy Gold can assist you to reach women over 40 in the following ways:

1. Youtube video featuring your product or service:

Your product or service will be organically featured in a Tracy Gold Fashion Tips video of her choice, giving tips on how to wear or use your product/service in a way that will engage her audience. Product details and links to your website will be included in the description of the video. The video will also be promoted on her Instagram account and weekly newsletter.

Cost: $1000 – your product will be featured with other products

Cost: $2000 – your product will be the focus of the video

Costs include filming and editing

2. Makeover or styling workshop featuring your product/ service:

Tracy will present a fun and interactive makeover or styling workshop, demonstrating how your product can be worn or service be used. Tracy will promote the event on her social media channels and in her weekly newsletter. All event arrangements to be made by the client.

Cost: $2000 (excluding travel costs if applicable)

3. Makeover/styling video or TV appearance for your product/service:

Tracy will present a makeover or styling video giving tips on how your product/service can be worn or used in order to promote and sell your product/service. This video can be used on your own Youtube Channel, social media platforms and website. All filming and editing to be arranged by the client.

Cost: $2000 per day of filming (excluding travel costs if applicable)

Packages can be tailored to be suit your needs.

Tracy will only work with and promote products and services she believes in.

Have Tracy contact you to discuss your enquiry

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