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About Tracy Gold – Tracy’s Story

I had my first significant shopping experience at the age of 5 and started designing clothes when I was 6.  Ever since I can remember, I believed that fashion is something that should be used to make women feel fabulous about themselves.

Armed with this passion, a diploma in fashion design and a few years of working experience, I started my own business, working out the boot of my car, in 2003. 

Whether I am filming YouTube videos, presenting workshops, doing makeovers or designing clothing  my intention is always to use my fashion knowledge to assist women to discover their own unique beauty and create a look that reflect who they are.

Over the years I have experienced successes, challenges and failures, but I can honestly say that I have a great deal of fun and I’m living my dream.

My other passions include dancing, traveling (I am obsessed with Italy), eating good food, drinking excellent wine, meeting new and interesting people and mountain walks.  I live in New York with my dearly loved husband, Gavin, and two siamese cats.

Tracy’s Official Bio

A renowned personal stylist and fashion designer, Tracy Gold created the YouTube channel, Tracy Gold Fashion Tips, to advance her passion for enabling women to create their own unique style.

Tracy saw her YouTube following skyrocket when she shifted her focus to women over 40, speaking to a largely overlooked audience. In just two years, her channel grew from 600 subscribers to more than 20,000. Her powerful hold on her audience is underscored by over 2 million views and a 7.3 percent engagement rate.

Much in demand as a fashion authority who connects with diverse audiences, Tracy has made multiple appearances on leading TV and radio shows and is often quoted in print and digital media. In 2019, she was selected as an on-air salesperson on QVC.

A born entrepreneur, Tracy has enjoyed enormous success since launching her own fashion business in 2003. Literally starting by selling dresses out of the trunk of her car, Tracy now has a worldwide customer base clamoring for her next release. Capitalizing on her success with the 40+ market, she is now collaborating with other fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to help them grow their brand awareness and customer base.

Tracy was born in Florida, but spent most of her life in Cape Town, South Africa. A U.S. citizen, she’s now based in Manhattan.

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