I share my top tips on how to shop the summer sale 2018 for women over 40.

The summer clearance sales are everywhere, but how do you know that the ‘must have’ item is not going to end up hanging in your closet with the tag still on it? In this video I share my top tips on how to shop the sales AND wear what you buy.

1. Make a shopping list. This helps to narrow your focus and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

2. Focus on shopping for one item at a time. First look for a pair of jeans, then look for tops, then look for dresses. This helps to narrow your focus so you will see what is relevant to you. It may seem to take you longer that way, but it actually doesn’t.

3. Follow the 3 F’s (fit, function, fabulous). Does the item you want to buy fit you well? Does it have function? Where will you wear it? How will you wear it? What will you wear it with? And is it fabulous? If it doesn’t fit this criteria, rather don’t buy it, no matter how cheap it is. If it’s a trendy piece, will you wear it next season? Avoid buying super trendy pieces that you won’t wear next year. If you really love it and you will wear it for seasons to come, then it’s worth it. Or if you just want to try out a trend and this is a cost effective way of doing that, then it may be worth the spend.

4. Buy items you can layer for fall. This makes your wardrobe more wearable throughout the year. For example, this red knit top is perfect for summer and I can layer it with a long sleeve top or lace body stocking for fall. Online or in-store:

5. Check online if there is a specific item you are looking for, but often with sales, there will be items in-store that won’t go online.

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