How to shop for shorts for women over 40

In this video I share my top fashion tips on how to shop for shorts for women over 40. When it’s this hot, I just want to wear shorts, but finding a pair you don’t mind being seen in public in, can be a challenge. In this video I take you shopping with me...

Party dress for women over 40

I share my top summer fashion tips on how to shop for a party dress for women over 40. I am a huge fan of print and pattern dresses that fit and flair, but now I had to find a plain color dress and I couldn’t be black…. yikes!!! Panty lines, ripples and bumps...

Big announcement and giveaway

In this video I make a big announcement I’m doing a big giveaway worth $850. Details on how to enter are below. I have so much to tell you fab gals that I decided to do it LIVE on Youtube. I am also doing a BIG GIVEAWAY worth $850. To enter see the details...
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