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Image Makeovers in a city near you


If you don’t want to travel far, you can arrange to meet Tracy Gold in a city near you and let her assist you to develop a personal style that best suits your body shape, personality, lifestyle and budget.

To make this a cost effective option, a group at least 4 ladies will need to book a full day wardrobe makeover.  See details below.


Full day wardrobe makeover

Tracy Gold will help you refine your existing wardrobe by teaching you what works for you, what doesn’t and why.  She will also teach you her effective shopping techniques that will save you a fortune and keep you from making the same expensive fashion mistakes again.

This package includes the following:

• Personal styling session with Tracy Gold: she will teach you what works for you, what doesn’t and why

• 5 hour personal shopping session. Tracy will teach you how to shop, enabling you to make the most of your body shape and budget

• A light lunch at a restaurant near-by with Tracy Gold

Duration: Full day

Cost: $650 per person (Price is based on a booking for 4 ladies or more) click here to enquire

Products and clothing are not included, but advice on any purchases will be given to ensure your purchases best suit your needs.

As an editor of a national magazine, I’m required to be the “face of the brand”. What impressed me about Tracy’s approach to wardrobe planning is her unpretentious manner. She probed my lifestyle, my likes and dislikes, how I like to be perceived and what I want to communicate. I genuinely felt she was trying to get to know me in the context of my job. It was a refreshing experience to be valued as an individual with her own sense of style and purpose.
Sonya Naude

Former Editor of Longevity Magazine

I want to thank you for a wonderful, awesome day. It was a great day with lots of fun and laughter. I cannot remember when last I have enjoyed myself that much, just being myself and feeling special again. Thank you so much for helping me to find the real me and to feel like a woman again. I will treasure this for the rest of my life on earth.
Loraine McCulloch

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